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Name:Refracted Light: a Final Fantasy Roleplay
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When you seek your bed this night, it seems as if any other night. You are, after all, a citizen of one of the two great nations that have forever fought for dominance on this world. Blessed in the light of the crystals and the benevolence of your liege, you intend for tomorrow to be no different from today - you will continue in your service and in search of your many goals, as you have done for your entire life.

But sleep brings strange dreams this night.

You find yourself adrift in a sea of gentle green and white light. A warm, comforting and parental voice speaks to you. It has no distinct gender, being both male, female, and neither all at once, but it is warm and kind, overflowing with tenderness for you.

"Great one of old," it says, "it is time to once again awaken. The world is in peril, but the will of mortals is to live on even in the face of adversity. See. Remember. Awaken."

Images flood your mind as knowledge flows into you. It, like the sensation around you, is warm and comfortable. It's like coming home. You see things as they were - a life, a lifetime ago. Memories from another time, another world even. This world, though you have been born and raised within it, is not truly your own - not at first. You lived a life before, on a world apart from here.

And your heart is steeled with a greater knowledge. After your time in your past life had passed, you were brought here, to this land, to this world, for a reason. As you reach out to grasp the memories, they seem to dissipate before you, with only mere fragments remaining in your heart.

The voice speaks again.

"Be not dismayed, child. You remember now, at least a little. In time, you will remember more, perhaps all. But memories are not all that define mortal life. Tell me, child, who are you?"

Refracted Light is a Final Fantasy-based Reincarnation Panfandom Roleplay. Players may play characters from other canons that are reincarnated into this new setting, crafting an AU backstory to fit into the world at large. Upon entering the game, the character will experience their first Echo, a powerful memory that will give them insight to their past and grant them the power to fight against the Archons.

Serving one of the two great warring nations of Liciae, the Kingdom of Light, or Dalvarus the Empire of Darkness, players will need to navigate the murky and complicated relationships between the two while trying to fight against the Archons. Players will also have the option of taking on the roles of NPCs with a variety of goals and aspirations to create and cultivate their own plots and stories.

Refracted Light is a plot-based game that strives for high degrees of player freedom. The great nations are controlled by PC moderator characters who direct the action by responding to events. However, players are highly encouraged to take ownership of the setting, using NPCs to help push their own personal plotlines and helping build up the setting by submitting ideas or even starting their own company within the game.

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