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The market at Hunter's Green is quiet today - there are still people there, of course, but it's not quite as busy as usual. (It's probably a holy day. Goodness knows Liciae has more than enough of them.)

Some days, when he feels more like watching people go about their business, the quite would bother Yusuke, but this isn't one of those days. He came to the market to get some better pencils, as the few he could scrounge up around the Rose's headquarters finally got to be too inferior to work with; he's staying to sort through some of what's been going on in his head lately.

There's one drawing of that bedroom scene, with four teenagers, a cat, and a demolished hot pot; two of the humes are labeled in a script that has absolutely nothing in common with the local alphabet. (One is clearly Yusuke himself, and he doesn't have names for the other hume or the cat yet.) He's been picking out colors in that one on and off all day, between several attempts to pin down a figure from a recurring dream - but all he's managed to capture of that, so far, is a snowy mountainside and the outline of a frankly ridiculous pompadour.

He doesn't understand the dream and the memory is more than a little vexing, considering he learned more about everyone else in it than he did himself. Still, it's more to go on than he'd had. Maybe they can start piecing together these puzzles soon, if he can make some sense of it.
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Word of the defeat of the Archons and the salvation of Muenier and Tranmere spread quickly across the two nations. The black rumors and fear gave way to jubilation - the mysterious enemies could be beaten! And it was upon this backdrop that the citizenry flocked to the Rose Garden to celebrate the heroes who had saved the towns. For the moment, both nations were unified, and there was truly a cause to celebrate.

Although there was much jubilation, that was not the only purpose of this. Lord Commander Sinbad worked hard to bring the two rulers together so they could discuss and determine their next moves. But for the others, revelry was to be had. And, ideally, not of the violent international warfare variety.
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Who: Angua and various Licians.
Where: Around Liciae
When: For a week or two after the Archon attack
What: Patrolling while remembering weird things.

A lot of words in here )
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With the attacks on both Dalvarus and Liciae by the invaders, it was clear that something must be done. Working with the rulers of the respective nations, the Lord Commander of the Crimson Rose finally brokered a deal. The rulers would meet at a grand gala at the Rose Garden, in part to celebrate the heroes who had saved the towns and in part to determine how the strategy of dealing with the new threat would proceed.

With rapid preparations underway, invitations were sent out far and wide to nobility and citizenry alike. There would be a grand celebration to be sure, but beneath that veneer hard discussions were sure to take place.

[The Grand Gala will begin on Saturday, July 1st and will last a week. There will be a number of events players are free to participate in but it will generally be open.

Characters who take part in the gala will gain 1 EP for each different character they thread with, to a maximum of 3 EP. Characters must have at least 3 comments for the thread to be counted. Characters who thread with a large number of characters may be awarded bonus EP at the end of the event.

Additionally, any new characters introduced during the Gala will be eligible for double the EP gain, for a total of 6 EP for valid threads with 6 characters. All PCs should be assumed to either be invited or were capable of sneaking in.]
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Those involved with the incident in Trenmere unfortunately aren't given long to rest or consider just what in the world transpired. Almost as soon as they arrive home, each one is approached by a towering Dark Knight with a simple message.

"The Empress demands your presence."

Judging by the Knight and the contingent of soldiers accompanying him, it is not a request.

At the appointed time, all those summoned are brought to the throne room of the Imperial Palace, an imposing chamber, vast and lit by rows of flaming torches that keep the room just a little uncomfortably warm. And at the far end of the room, raised high above anybody entering the Empress sits on her throne awaiting the arrival of those she summoned.
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[Cai'a had so wanted to go when trouble went down, but as King, he could not just charged headlong into danger, not when he only so recently taken the throne and the line of succession is still muddled.

However the strange, half-remembered dream he had from his restless sleep told him this was no normal case of banditry even before the reports came in. He knew he had to get to the bottom of it, and immediately sent out messengers with a summons which read as follows:]

[Filtered to Roy, Mercia, Daisho (Fei), Kaban, Galahad (Silver) and Cameron (Kamille)]

You are hereby summoned to the Royal Palace of Elysa at behest of His Majesty. King Cai'a the First wishes to Personally Honor those whose actions lead to saving Muenier from a terrible fate. Take the seal as proof of invitation.

[Daisho would immediately know from the wording that this is more than a congratulatory meeting, while the Noble-borns would find it strange that such a ceremony would be done privately. At any rate, the date and time is the same on all the missives]

At the appointed time, the King rests upon his throne uneasily in the empty audience chamber, tail flicking behind him as he puts on a cool mask - there was only a single guard in, who was instructed to turn away anyone who did not possess the seal]

[OOC: It'll be a single log thread, no turn order is required]
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The Rose Garden is a good place to think, when one has a little free time to do so. It's not so unusual to find Yusuke there, either lost in his own thoughts or with a book, as appears to be the case today.

What is unusual, for those who have known him for a while, is that he's... drawing?

It's not a hobby he's mentioned or displayed before, but for all that, if one gets a glimpse at his work, it's quite good. From the looks of things, he's filled several pages of the blank book he picked up on his last pass through Hunter's Green already, with pictures of all sorts of things - the Garden itself and the mechanical beings that attacked the town in Dalvarus stand out.

Perhaps, for those who were present for one battle or the other, a sudden new hobby won't be all that surprising. Or perhaps it will, since most things there seemed focused on battle.
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Lord Commander Sinbad had a mighty headache. Roused from a deep slumber beset by strange dreams and at an ungodly-hour-in-the-morning would do that. Nursing a moderate hangover, he wearily stumped down to his desk as his aide rattled off a frantic report about the recent proceedings. The news was astonishing. Unbelievable. And reports were also filtering in that some Rose members had been seen in Dalvarus taking part in this madness. Well.

Private to all members of the Crimson Rose (but specifically Yusuke, Snake and Angua)

I hear there was some excitement this morning. Pray, stop by the office at your earliest convenience. I wish to debrief all members involved personally.

With the message sent, Sinbad leaned back in his chair. Today was going to be a long day, he could feel it. Leaving strict instructions to his aide to admit all members who were claiming participation in the day's festivities, he sat back to wait.

[OOC: We'll do this as a singular log thread so everyone feel free to pile on in]
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The day was won. Though columns of smoke billowed from the towns of Muenier and Tranmere, for the first time since the attacks had begun, by and large, the citizenry survived intact. The day was given to the brave warriors, hailed by the people as saviors and rumors of the return of the legendary Warriors of Light and Darkness (depending on which nation you asked) began to buzz. Though the towns had been damaged, surprisingly few had lost their lives due to the efforts of the brave warriors.

[OOC: And with this the first event has concluded! Thank you all who took part. If your logs are not concluded, you are free to do so. We will additionally grant all participants who tagged at least once in the log the full 3 EP for participation, and those who tagged at least 5 times will gain an additional 1 EP on top of that. Backtagging will be accepted for this extra EP, but no new participants may join the log.

Characters are now free to discuss their findings. Be careful of what you say, though, the nation rulers may have some interest in these new proceedings.]
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My name is Mercia, of house Tabrea. I hope this evening finds you well.

I'm sure the news about what happened in Muenier has reached most of Liciae by now, but I want to talk about a different phenomenon. I was present during the fighting, and something happened to me that's hard to describe.

I'll divide it into two experiences. First experience: I remembered something that has never happened to me. The memory remains in my mind - an unfamiliar face in an unfamiliar city. Someone who introduced herself as 'Yuki Yuna,' if that name means anything to anyone; it doesn't sound Liciaen to me. There was nothing relevant to the battle or its surrounding circumstances in this memory.

Second experience: I gained some kind of unfamiliar ability. I now have a small device, similar in design to a Linkshell, but it can't connect to mog.net. Most of its functionality is broken or useless, but there's one button on it that triggers some kind of slight transformation in my body. The changes all seem to be cosmetic - it changed my clothes and hair, but doesn't seem to make me any stronger or faster physically. However, after using this transformation, I was able to fight the monsters that attacked Muenier, which were previously impervious to all of my attacks.

I am of course glad that I received a gift that allowed me to survive the battle, but I'm also troubled by the fact that I don't know where it came from. The memory in particular is strange; it doesn't line up with anything that happened in my past. If it was a vision of the future, then that's troubling for a different reason... in this memory, I had no use of my legs. If something made me remember my future encounter with Yuna Yuki, then that may imply that some tragedy is waiting for me in the near future.

If anyone else has had similar experiences in the last few days, I'd like to exchange notes. I know I'm not the only one who had something like this happen to them.

Thank you for your time.
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Early in the morning two towns found themselves under siege without warning by powerful magics from a new enemy. Muenier in Liciae found their vineyards and orchards catching fire, while the people of Tranmere in Dalvarus were forced to flee into the mines to avoid the blaze, though smoke followed them in.

They were however not without hope, as when the assault started - certain individuals who had strange dreams as of late would feel a sense of foreboding from those two towns and a sense that they should head over immediately. Thankfully the attacks had not destroyed the crystal networks, allowing for any would be heroes to teleport in from across the two nations. Will they arrive in time to beat back the attacks?

[OOC: This is the first major event for Refracted Light. Normally sign-ups will be held but in this case players are free to jump into a log for whichever town they choose, but choose wisely! Once made, a decision cannot be unmade. Depending on the amount of PCs who come to assist a town, the following results will occur:

0 PCs: The town is wiped off the map, and there are no survivors.
1-2 PCs: The town is demolished, but a few survivors manage to escape
3-4 PCs: A few buildings are left standing, and a moderate amount of survivors manage to escape.
5+ PCs: A moderate amount of buildings are left standing, and most of the town inhabitants escape alive, albeit some with injury.

The logs will be active until the 17th, although if more time is needed they may run a bit longer. All PCs who have at least 3 replies in the log will gain 3 EP immediately. Logs will be advanced every 24 hours at minimum.

Upon arriving at the scene and seeing the Archons, the PCs will be flooded with power and will begin to receive their Echoes. From your first tag, you may use any items and abilities you have requested for your Echoes. If you have not yet requested Echoes, you may do so here.

This log will remain open throughout the event and new players are free to jump in at any time. If enough players are present, we may split the players into groups for ease of management.]
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[Daisho is an avid Blitzball fan. He's played a bit in the amateur circuit, especially in school, and one of his biggest high points of the peace treaty is the ability to play against and converse with Blitzball fans on the Dalvarus side. Sports bring everyone together and all that. And so it is that he is once again on the Blitzball boards on the Crimson Rose's open network trying to have polite and engaged conversation. This pretty much never works but hope springs eternal]

User Punchball says: So who's getting excited for the next season? I'm hearing there will be special promotions this year to get people to visit away games and I'm definitely going to pick up a few of those when I'm in Dalvarus on business. Our boys and girls won't lose this year!
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With the reports of villages starting to filter in, the nation is afraid. While you may go about your daily lives and duties, many among you might be feeling a bit… off. Some may be having odd dreams, seeing worlds and visions of worlds beyond yours, hearing the voice of a power that feels familiar but not in any way you can quite place. You are filled with the sense that something big is coming. The world is about to change.

[OOC: With this post, Refracted Light is now open! Right now, nobody has fully achieved their awakening, but it's coming very soon. They will start having dreams as the Lifestream begins to awaken them. Our first event will begin Saturday and will mark the first major awakening of all the characters. Until then, please feel free to start establishing your characters within the setting and getting them going!]
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 For the past months, a sense of unease has fallen upon the great nations of Astraen. Rumors have flown about entire towns being razed, with all of the inhabitants being put to the sword. Within the great imperial halls, reports are flying as scouts are locating villages filled with corpses and burned to ash and cinders. 
Thus far, there has been no way to staunch the flow. It seems that every day, another village falls to these mysterious invaders who leave no trace of their passing.
But soon, things will change.
The lifestream senses the danger to its children. Flowing through Astrean, it will soon awaken those who will save the world.
The first event for Refracted Light will begin shortly after the game’s opening on June 10th. Characters will first awaken to their true selves and have the opportunity to save the towns that come under Archon attack. The event is expected to run until June 17th, and all participating characters will receive 3 EP so long as they tag in an Event thread at least 3 times (the EP will be received immediately and can be spent for a regain to be used in the log). 
Applications to be an Archon Commander for the event to oppose the PCs will also be open. If you play an Archon Commander and have an active character in the game, you will gain an additional 1 EP to a character of your choice.
Depending on the amount of characters who deploy to save a town, that will determine the ultimate result of the defense and how many people are saved. Depending on the results, additional rewards may follow if the players do especially well. Characters must have at least 3 posts in the defense thread to be counted